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So, we went ahead and ranked our own website for “seo expert europe“, which is definitely one of the toughest keywords to rank a website on.Before hiring any other SEO agency out there, ask your self, if they can’t rank their own website, how can they rank yours? We have ranked our video and our website for the exact high competitive keyword. 

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We have helped Local business owners like you to gain more customers for their business by ranking their website #1 in google using our SEO Strategy.

We have also ranked our own website #1 on Google for hundreds of high-value keywords. See some of our most prominent results below

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Competition research

The first thing we do is research your competitors to find everything they are doing to rank website and get targeted traffic month after month. This strategy has helped us to rank our website for some of the most competitive keywords in today’s market. 

Keyword Research

By targeting a wrong keyword, you can easily waste a lot of your marketing budget before realizing your mistake. There is no shortage of keyword, but there definitely a shortage when it comes to the “Right Keyword”. This is something that SEOs are doing it wrong. We find keywords for your website, that is currently sending hungry customers to your competitors. 

On-Page Optimization

For Google, it is all about relevancy. If you website doesn’t have good-quality, engaging content, you will have really tough time ranking your website on google for a certain keyword. Our cutting-edge On-page strategy has helped websites to gain massive SERPboost. We make your website’s content so much relevant to your targeted keyword, Google just become head-over-heels-crazy for your website.


Building authority with strong links

Another factor that is really important when it comes to website ranking is to get backlinks from websites that are powerful and provides tons of relevance to your website. here at serpmind, we have build a list of thousand websites from which we can get backlinks for your website.

To get Backlinks from those websites, you need to a reputated digital agency in the market. By using our reputation as the leading seo expert europe, we can definitely use our influence to get backlinks for your website that will sky rocket your SERP ranking. Do remember that this outreach process will take time. So, you need to be patient. 


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About Us is one of the fastest growing SEO agencies that is always open to help local businesses and brands with the search engine optimization needs.

We have developed an amazing team of Coders, content writers, guest post experts that is always working to provide you the best quality seo services for your money. We are all about being transparent and delivering results on time. We understand how important it is for you to get better search engine ranking for your website, and more traffic from your market. So, at serpmind we take our work very seriously as our goodwill depends on it

Sajjad ul islam azad

Sajjad ul islam azad


Sajjad ul islam azad is a Techpreneur and Search engine optimization specilist helping business with the seo needs since 2012. He is also one of the leading contributors of several SEO discussion groups on Facebook. Sajjad SEO agency Serpmind has been featured or quoted on Huffingtonpost and

Carlos Hertley

Carlos Hertley


Carlos hartley is the Founder and owner of, which is one of the best leading SEO agencies from Mexico. Carlos has several years of experience helping Real estate agents and corporate brands with their SEO needs.

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At serpmind, we are always testing our SEO work to make sure that your website gets the best SEO done.