Real Estate Seo

Having a solid roof over our heads is a basic human need. Everyone needs a conducive place to live and hence, over time, as we became more civilized, the real estate business was born. There are numerous real estate companies out there, trying to sell their houses by employing numerous marketing approaches, such as media adverts and real estate seo. Every real estate business works to create the best products for their potential clients, but without good visibility, all the effort and time might be in futility.

Potential clients need to know your site and constantly visit it. Real estate companies have therefore come up with several real estate marketing ideas that have to some extent proven to be successful, or not.


Hardly will you ever come across a newspaper or magazine that does not have an advert for a property. The decades old strategy has been used extensively by real estate companies to try and boost their visibility and potential clients. This was mostly targeted to specific niche clients, but in the current times, it is hard to judge your client simply by the magazine they pick up. It seemed to work and probably still does, but is definitely not a very effective method. Publications tend to get old. No sooner had one read a magazine or newspaper that will the newspaper be thrown into the back cabinet., to collect dust for the next few years.

Having Individual mobile-optimized websites

With the rapid growth of the internet. Most real estate companies have moved to create their own websites with the hope of creating a single platform cclientcan access any time and get all the details they need. Real estate companies will spend a great deal of time and money, working on their websites to make them the most beautiful and with great images of their properties. Having a website as an approach to online marketing for real estate is a good idea, but a website is almost useless if it is hardly visible on the internet. As a potential customer, I should be able to see your website first when I start my search for great properties online. If the website is not on the first page of the responses I get from Google, I might never click on it. It is said that most internet users will not go past the fifth result on their search result.

Getting your site to that top position is easier said than done. There are numerous real estates out there all working hard to get their site seen by the ever growing number of internet users.

In the current times, almost every aspect of life is linked to the internet. In case I want to learn on the upcoming estates in my country, I will simply pick up my phone and Google it. In case I need to buy a house for my family, I will simply go online and look it up. In addition, In case I come across some beautiful property on social media, I will definitely click on it and check out what they have to offer. Most people will even Google for real estate agents. By understanding this behavior by most people in the twenty-first century, you can harness the power of the internet to grow your real estate business exponentially.

So how do you beat the competition and get your self-known on the internet. The answer is real estate seo. Search engine optimization is perhaps the greatest marketing strategy of the century. Picture letting a company specialized in online marketing, structure your seo marketing strategy and update it with the changing times.

Real estate companies have uses real estate agents for a long time and they have been effective, but not as effective as the internet. Statistics show that 92% of home buyers are through real estate agents while 95% of buyers were from online websites. What’s interesting, is that a wider age bracket, 70 and younger used the internet to find and purchase their properties. This leave a small minority of those between ages of 71 and 90, who still prefer real estate agents. With such statistics, I had a real estate company, I would definitely be working on my seo strategy with a suitable partner.

To make sure your site is fully optimized for the thousands of potential clients online here are the main things Serpmind does.

Setting things up.

To make sure your site is fully optimized, we take time with your site and consulting you to better understand your goals and plans. These may include your marketing strategies for real estate agents. With this knowledge, we are able to create and exceptional SEO strategy.

Building it up

Now that we have a working strategy, we work on content that will be beneficial to your site. We work on creating content that will target your desired market, area or property types. This is particularly useful if your property is designed for certain niche markets. In this process, we also work on improving the site itself, to make it more appealing to the visitor.

Spreading it

Working on making your site is not good enough. We also work to improve your outreach by looking for suitable development opportunities. We look for opportunities to boost traffic to your site through other methods such as using backlinks. These efforts are all geared to increasing awareness of your real estate and getting your information to the right people.

So what benefits can you accrue from real estate seo?

More visibility through keyword optimization

Google searches are all about keywords. Most potential buyers will input keywords relate to the real estate in order to generate results. As a search engine optimization company, we will utilize the power of keyword along with other real estate marketing tools to make sure you are among the first results to appear when the user gets feedback. Real estate SEO work on the content of your website to make it optimized for millions of internet users all over. In some cases, however, these users may be limited to a given locality and region. With a better ranking, you are able to generate more traffic to your site hence a larger number of buyers will be flocking your site to make purchases.

Less workload for agents

A human being can only work for so long. Most agents will be linking up with multiple customers during the day but it gets to a point where they cannot do it all or need to retire for the day.

With search engine optimization, you will have a partner that works day and night 7 days a week. With the internet, customers will be able to view your properties on a continuous basis, get any information they may need and even make purchases. SEO, therefore, acts as a compliment, adding on to the marketing strategies for real estate agents. Real estate agents working with serpmind will, therefore, have an easier work life by reaching out to more customers with less effort.

Ease in creating real estate leads

Real estate leads are a big thing when it comes to your real estate marketing strategy. By creating personal relationships with more people, you are able to create more links to information and opportunities. Most traditional methods such as advertising, handwritten notes, restaurant regulars and parties can easily be overshadowed by a good seo strategy. With seo, you can skip all the time, energy and effort spent on single methods of creating links, and stick to one that actually delivers for you.  The different Seo strategies employed to improve your leads will include targeted blog posts, making your site mobile friendly and finally, taking full advantage of photos and videos. The seo strategies do provide exclusive real estate leads for both new and old real estate agents.

Providing you with a long-term strategy

With a proper SEO strategy, you are guaranteed a long-lasting plan to maintain your online presence. With optimization you will not have to redo any marketing options, you can simply let the optimization of your site bring in the clients for you. Your seo partner does all the hard work for you. The SEO industry is however dynamic, changing rapidly as the industry grows. These changes may include changes by search engines in regard to the ranking of websites. At Serpmind however, we are always up to date with trends in the industry and constantly update your site. Your seo strategy is therefore always ready and perfect for the industry.

With the changing trends in the marketing world, the real estate industry definitely needs to adopt a good seo strategy. Search engine optimization has proved to be a great way to boost visibility online and is the best real estate lead generation. Adoption of seo has proved useful for numerous businesses, not necessarily real estate. To harvest all the benefits that come with seo a good partner such as spermind is always a good choice. You will achieve a large supply of skill and experience.