The #1 New York SEO 

Welcome to Serpmind, the best New York SEO company aimed at providing the most affordable SEO services in the city for our partners in business. Every business and startup needs a reliable internet marketing plan to succeed. New York is the ultimate destination for top tier investments. Every year, entrepreneurs from all over the world head to New York to start companies.

Making it in NYC 

Welcome to New York, home to world-famed theaters and television studios to the world’s largest investment banks and shopping centers. The megacity is a jungle to be navigated if you want to excel in business. SEO is a reliable horse that will aid you on your quest.

You may feel as though making it in the NYC arena is easy and that advertising your company and business brand is pretty easy to do in the house. At first glance, it might even look like getting many leads and phone calls thanks to your online presence and listings is a no brainer. If so, you will be in for a rude shock because that is not how it works at all.


Why you need us

Nevertheless, you are probably already aware that you might need our NYC SEO services but might exactly picture how. Never mind, we are here to paint the clear picture of the roadmap to your online success with proven techniques for ranking for Google and other search engines.  There are probably hundreds maybe thousands of NYC businesses just like yours even before you start out. But if you are wise enough to realize that it’s not how to start but how to get noticed that matters, you will understand why you need SEO.

It takes some work to rank #1

It is important to consider that the competition is probably spending sleepless nights finding new ways to appear more appealing to customers and so they will keep crushing you unless you have the unique unfair advantage, us.

Make no mistake, ranking top of SERPs takes some real professional SEO work and we are well equipped to do all the work and push all the traffic to your website. For us, it is an important selection process determining that business that can make great partners. That is, we believe in a mutually beneficial partnership for growth.

The Serpmind SEO advantage

Those under our wing are the most successful because of the following.

  • A holistic approach to Search Engine optimization

A typical SEO consultancy will sell you a package and work on just what is included in the so called package. They do so whether or not it is what you need to get ahead. On the other hand, we work on a clear marketing plan and strategy that we help you develop to get to your short term and long term goals. We work tirelessly to make your dreams come true because we understand that our success depends on yours. That’s the reason we are so keen on picking partners that are likely to succeed!

  • Proven process and techniques

Further, we have a proven method to get SEO work done effectively. That does not mean we are your traditional SEO company with rigid standard operating procedures that. Rather than iteratively carry out a result driven SEO service without cutting any corners. Our process is clear by also dynamic allowing us to bring to your company all the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years working for successful business models just like yours.

  • Affordable SEO consultants

We would say we are reasonably priced and deliver on our promise and to your satisfaction. We value you as a partner and your input is always of great importance to us. We do not discriminate against our clients based on the scale of the projects or bite off more than we can chew at any time.

  • Value-based payment system

Ours is a value based payment system where you are able to pay for value-added to your website and business through quality lead generation. We try as much as possible to work on only a handful of projects so that we are keenly focused on making our clients great. This means that our mutual strategy to rank and sell your website with on-page and off-page SEO depends on your long term goals.

  • We focus on SEO only

Unlike the competition in NYC, we are not going to try and sell you on PPC and other digital services. We do SEO exclusively for NYC firms and therefore we can guarantee that we are pretty good at it.  More often than not, SEO consultants who offer a little bit of everything have very limited understanding of each service.


We deliver precision SEO service for Local SEO optimizing Google My Business for our NYC clients. Local SEO is a surefire way to get more business compared to the competition in any city. In NYC it is a stiff if not cut-throat competition depending on your industry.

Recently, the trend has shifted to optimization for local searches from within NYC following Google’s latest effort to provide more relevant search results based on location. Google my business listings can be an indispensable lead generator for your NYC business with optimal tweaks. When you think it is high time to take your local brand global, you will be pleased to be in partnership with an SEO firm that has the capacity to put you out there.

SEO vs PPC services

Some companies out there will masquerade as SEO consultancies and even claim to be partners with Google only to sign you up for subscription pay per click Ads PPC services. While paid ads put you at strategic points much quicker, their benefits disappear with the expiry of the subscription of exhaustion of your advertising fee. On the other hand, organic traffic has benefits of credibility and site authority. Good SEO makes your website much better for viewing and provides good content that your visitors can interact with. This means that the conversions for organic traffic are higher than those of paid ads.

How long does it take for good SEO results?

Once we have a well laid out plan in place, you will start to see the results of our efforts within a few weeks. The entire upgrading process can take up to 6 months but that is never the end of SEO as it constitutes a continuous transformation. You can keep paying only for results that you can see translating to growth in profit margins.

Buying keywords vs. information keywords

Buying keywords are keywords that attract higher potential buyers and high-quality leads. Information keywords on the other word are more tempting for an inexperienced SEO consultant to use whereas they tend to lure in less likely buyers. For instance, “Best car hire Boston” vs. “Mileage car rentals Boston”. The first one is merely informative and even though one can argue that it draws a significant number of leads it is the second one that is most likely to bring in people with their credit cards out. This is what you want in quality leads, keywords that bring people who are more likely to make a purchase.

So if they can’t rank their own pages how are they supposed to rank yours?

Serpmind does not use any push buttons system or copy paste tricks that apply to underhand SEO to get ahead in business. We invent a well-crafted and customer tailored plan based on an intensive market research of the competition. This means we get down to business with all the facts and tools in hand to get you ranking higher and getting higher quality leads that convert within a shorter time.

At serpmind, we emphasize on covering the basics because good SEO is from the ground up. It is the elementary aspects of optimization that others take for granted that make the most difference when it comes to ranking with the latest Google algorithm.

What next?

The very thought of being at the very top of SERPs is downright frightening for many business owners. But for those who dare to imagine, we can rank them at the top as we have for hundreds of NYC businesses. Feel free to fill out our discovery form so we can decide if you qualify to work with us.

If you believe that your business deserves the top spot on Google SERPs and other search engines like Yahoo Search and Bing that matter, get in touch with us by filling out our discovery form or via our business email on the contact us section. We will get back to you within hours to discuss what the future might hold for both our businesses.