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My Name is Sajjad ul Islam Azad, you can call me Anik in Short. Welcome to Serpmind.com.

Since 2011, I have been doing SEO for clients, Affiliate marketers, and Bloggers as a freelancer. During these long years i have gathered dozens of Testimonials from clients, fellow SEOs whom i have helped along the way. You can find all the wonderful Testimonials that i have received via my Linkedin Profile at Sajjadanik testimonial page.

Since 2011, I have handpicked the best of the best writers, content marketers, social media strategists and Efficient web developers who are currently working at Serpmind to ensure Efficient Search engine ranking services.

At Serpmind we understand how much importance the Phrase “Google search Engine Ranking” means for your business. Each day Businesses from all around the world are contacting Serpmind to help them to rank their website on top of Google for the desired Conversion oriented Keywords. If you are a business who are currently thriving to get more online exposure, then Me and my team of SEO professionals have the solution for you.

For more info call me at: 4242746359 or email me at: support@serpmind.com